Empower yourself

It’s been a demanding week, and trying to get to yoga class on time, in the midst of your crazy schedule, is causing you additional stress!

But when you finally get yourself to class, you are stuck in the back, miles away from the instructor, not knowing if you are even doing the right pose!

This is where Boho Yogo comes in. We are here to bring yoga to you! Our instructors will support you throughout the personalized sessions, and ensure that you are doing the poses safely and correctly. Our instructors will also share all their knowledge to assist you through times of challenge and times of bliss.

We are excited to be partnering with you and make your yoga journey, our journey as well!  

Be in control of your time. Empower yourself.


Empower OThers 

BoHo Yogo’s community engagement branch is the inspiration behind launching the app. 

A portion of all BoHo Yogo's revenue goes towards funding our instructors, so that we may offer yoga and meditation to those with the greatest need of empowerment and healing. 
We are partnering with women’s shelters and military rehabilitation centers to bring yoga classes to those who suffer from PTSD and related trauma. 
 If your organization is interested in partnering with us to bring yoga to one of these communities, please contact us at info@bohoyogo.com