Why Restorative Yoga...

Comfort is key, and this restorative technique allows us, women and men of all ages and levels of experience, to approach yoga at our own pace.  Start finding a balance where you are and as you are.

The benefits of BoHo’s style of restorative yoga are numerous:

A personalized strategy gives more attention to individual needs, and our methods can be especially helpful to clients who are recovering from injury or suffering from chronic pain.

There are no abrasive positions either. In fact, Restorative Yoga programs are specifically designed to avoid any action that might feel forced. The slow, soothing poses emphasize the importance of Mindfulness, and allow us to refine and heighten our Body Awareness.

This strategy shifts our focus internally and helps us relinquish any conclusions we may have previously drawn about how we look and feel. We want to devoid ourselves of discomfort, and that process begins with a better understanding and acceptance of our body’s natural limitations.

Our instructors aim to bind the physical with the mental aspects of healing. Through a focus on Deliberateness of Action, we will learn to consciously intertwine our breathing with our movement. We will establish a pace of training that uniquely applies to individual goals, and we will never lose sight of our clients’ peace and comfort.