Photo by - Emma Mead

Photo by - Emma Mead


Our mission is...


I want to use this space to explain the inspiration behind BoHo Yogo, and to outline my hopes for what we as a community can accomplish.

The root of the idea behind BoHo Yogo comes down to a simple question I asked myself: How can I spread the journey of yoga and provide yoga to those who need it most; specifically, our country’s veterans and women who are suffering from PTSD?

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, develops in some people who are war veterans, in accidents, survivors of abuse and many other traumatic events. Not everyone with PTSD has been through a dangerous event. Some people get PTSD after a friend or family member experiences danger or harm.

Essentially, the trauma placed on the human mind in extremely high-stress situations can push the brain into a perpetual state of “panic”.  Even well after an individual’s body is removed from the traumatic event the mind can have a hard time re-adjusting to normalcy. People who suffer from PTSD continue to feel frightened or stressed even when they’re perfectly safe; even sleep can become burdensome; because of flashbacks, nightmares and generally frightening thoughts.

PTSD is typically very difficult to treat.  There is no pill or medication that can simply “cure” it; most often, people suffering with PTSD go through rounds of therapy combined with anti-depressants or clinical drugs, but even these measures don’t guarantee a return to “normalcy”.


I should pause here to mention that I have a personal connection to PTSD and the one space where I am able to find solace is through my practice.

Breath work, yoga and meditation.

Yoga is an ancient practice that helped manage the mind and emotions – the first step in yoga practice is to link the mental and physical through breath, bringing awareness to what is happening in the moment.  By focusing on the moment at hand and slowing down the body’s processing systems, yogis can begin the process of letting the past dissipate behind them.  Intense thoughts and feelings become less so as the mind becomes more still and calm, and the body allows the sensations to pass.  With repeated practice and guidance, yoga can bring long-term relief and a fresh perspective to PTSD sufferers.

I realized that I alone could not be the change I wished to see in the world -- it would take an entire village of incredible dedicated yogis to begin the process of healing.

Nothing gets accomplished without other people, so I sought to create a network of yoga instructors who would be willing to dedicate half their time to teaching for a profit (the app) so that they could spend the other half helping people heal.  I couldn’t be prouder of our community of yogis for the way that they have responded to my call to action. Some of the best yoga instructors in NYC have already gotten on board and we’re just getting started.  Sign up for your first lesson today, help push our mission forward, and give yourself (and someone else who truly needs it) the skills to find some peace-of-mind.


Empower yourself.  Empower others.