Samavritti Pranayama ( Square Breathing ) 


Samavritti Pranayama, or Square Breathing, helps with meditation and improves concentration. It will recharge your energy. The count for beginners is four all-around: Inhale for four counts, hold with the lungs full for four counts, exhale for four counts, and hold again for four counts with the lungs empty. This cycle constitutes one complete round of Square Breathing. During both retentions, contract the pelvic floor in the rhythm with the the hold. No contraction is needed during the inhalation or exhalation. Keep the spine erect and tall throughout. Always hold the nostrils closed during retention with the right thumb and ring finger. Increase the count as long as the new raion remains comfortable and accessible. (the lungs are designed to hold the breath for long periods of time) A four- count retention is ideal for beginners, six to eight counts is average length, and anything over eight counts is more advanced. Focus on repeating mentally the sound of OM along with the wach count. This leads one naturally into deep mental absorption. In the final stages of advanced practice, one will be able to match the OM’s to the heartbeat.