Almonds: Soak 12 hours, then rinse every three to four hours for a period of 18 hours. To store once sprouted, cover with water and place in refrigerator. ( The water should just cover one half inch over the top of the almonds) Peel the skin off before eating, as is becomes toxic during germination.

Sprouted Almond Milk recipes:

1 ½ cups sprouted almonds

4 cups of filtered water

3-5 dates (or agave nectar)

1 tbs. vanilla (or fresh vanilla bean)

Place sprouted almonds and water in a blender and mix until completely liquefied. Strain mixture with a nut- milk bag or cheesecloth, squeeze all milk from the pulp. Place liquid back in the blender with the dates and vanilla. Blend and ENJOY! Last 3+ days in refrigerator. Store in a glass container and shake before consuming.